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A magical fusion of refined Italian design with the charm of oriental culture...

Coco, meaning ‘ancient’ joins the name of the Song dynasty, founder of the city of Hong Kong in 976 AD. Dreams take the form of Jewels, which are unique in their own peculiar beauty. Coco Song is the fruit of meticulous study whose origins lie in the Orient’s millennium-spanning culture and its traditional iconography. The style and decoration of Coco Song eyewear, together with the use of sophisticated precious materials, means that each Coco Song frame is a work of art.

The exclusive Coco Song eyewear collection pays homage to the golden age of Chinese culture and art combined with the attention to detail of Italian design. It originates from the desire to surprise with its use of unusual materials such as feathers, silks, lacquers and pressed flowers encased in the frame materials.

Dreams take the form of jewels

The use of unusual materials and the refined manual skills required for its manufacture
make each Coco Song frame unique and original. Beauty, elegance and originality are the unmistakable characteristics of the Coco Song collection, which is acknowledged as the world’s most beautiful eyewear frames.

Dreams take the form of jewels

Coco Song embodies expressiveness through the language of colour. For example, blue for tranquillity, red for joy and love, green for creativity, and yellow – the colour of the Emperor.

Oriental influences are even embodied in Coco Song’s trademark, which stands for ‘rebirth’ and many of the symbols adorning the frames signify long life, longevity and double luck.

Dreams take the form of jewels

Coco Song Key Features

By nature Coco Song frames are limited editions.

Coco Song eyewear combines the best that Italy and the Orient have to offer: Italy for design and the Orient for colours and textures.

The frames are made of the best Italian acetate and are enhanced with Flowers, Silk and even Feathers, which give them their unique three-dimensional layering effect.

Colours play a major role in the collection, deep reds marry with the darkest black, pure purple are combined with lime greens, bright orange is mixed with deep pink… All of this make every Coco Song frame a distinctive & extrovert creation.

Little silver-plated metal details consisting of medallions, dragons and other animals from Asian mythology decorate every Coco Song frames.

Some models feature semi-precious stones such as turquoise, lapis-lazuli or tiger’s eye.

CCS by Coco Song

Let me tell you a SURPRISING brand-new story

I feel new, I feel different. The lightness I always wanted wraps around me like a feather. My dreams have become real all of a sudden and I can fly to new horizons…

Dreams take the form of jewels