Bill Lishman is possibly best known as “Father Goose” for his work flying with geese, as portrayed in the 1996 movie “Fly Away Home”, that also assisted in the preservation of the Whooping Crane.

We remember the creative inventor, artist, award-winning sculptor, filmmaker and naturalist, from Canada who sadly passed away recently. Vale William Lishman 12 Feb 1939 – 30 Dec 2017.

Did you know he had also been dyslexic and colour-blind?

In an interview with CBC Radio, Carmen recounted that her father “loved nature and everything it represented.” “One of the things that I thought about a lot on the day that he passed was his comment that there are no straight lines in nature. And if you think about it, it’s true,” she said. “And so curved spaces and curved thinking and imagination that runs in curved lines was really what moved him and made him feel most comfortable.”

Bill Lishman shown with daughter Carmen when she was a young girl. He is wearing Silhouette Titan Minimal Art frames.

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