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where modern design meets tradition and craftsmanship, where new ideas are based on a foundation of experience.

neubau Eyewear Sigmund & Carl launch in Vienna video

The neubau eyewear story: How we came to life…

We are this genuine new eyewear brand, coming from an independent Austrian company. We actually come from an eyewear specialist with a long-term production knowledge and competence, but we are a completely new brand – something like a little brother. The one that brings fresh ideas into the family.
We came to life by diving into the world that surrounds us. We wanted to create an eyewear brand that will answer the needs of young and trendy individuals that populate the planet. At the same time provide the full service & support that our company has been well known for, for decades.
neubau eyewear took inspiration from the 7th district of Vienna, where imagination runs free, progressive lifestyle of locals rules and where creativity and inspiration is the name of the game.
The name of that district is Neubau, so we decided to call ourselves “neubau eyewear”. neubau allows us to bring a fresh and unique story from Vienna under spotlights, show a different angle of the old monarchy beauty. Believe it or not, the Vienna of today is miles away from horse carriages and the Sacher cake. Ok, we still have carriages and cakes, but you know what we mean – there are fresh and modern winds blowing in this town, changing its face day by day – for the better!
By combining the contemporary face of Vienna, with our long term background in eyewear industry, we are able to bring something new into the eyewear market. A fresh Viennese twist on high quality eyewear. This is what makes us different from any other brand on the market.
neubau is new
neubau is urban
neubau is witty